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Topic: Extracting image from iso
started by: HTJ

Posted by HTJ on Sep. 27 2003,23:00
Hi there

I'm building a diskless (and cd-rom less) machine which I intend to run Damn Small Linux on (booted over network). For this I need to extract the root image and modify it a bit to fit my needs. I've mounted the iso and extracted the KNOPPIX file, however getting any further from there kinda dassles me :-/ (the KNOPPIX file seems to be some strange cross of shell script and crypto loop file).

I know i could burn DSL to cd, boot it, and extract the image from there on another box (as described in the KNOPPIX remaster docs) . However i'm trying avoid this (sice I dont really need to anything afterwards, and burning a new CD for each release seems a bit stupid, since I dont plan to use it).


Posted by blahblah on Sep. 30 2003,11:41
Let's see if I get your question: You want to 'extract' the /KNOPPIX compressed file and run it as it is? then follow Knoppix howto for "poor man's hd install"-or how to run knoppix from hd without install.
Posted by vocabulaic on Sep. 30 2003,19:49

Oh wait, just re-read... are you trying to create essentially a thin client that is running off of the DSL iso that is on another macine on the network?

Posted by HTJ on Sep. 30 2003,22:44
To blahblah:
 Thanks for the link. I googled to something quite usefull, although I'm not quite where I want to be yet :-)

To vocabulaic:
 Well it's more like a thin server (if there is such a concept). This machine will be the only one running DSL; it will boot over some other linux box.

Posted by vocabulaic on Oct. 01 2003,02:27
THat sounded like an interesting idea - searched for "thin server" online - I was amazed that the concept actually existed.
Posted by mazter on Oct. 22 2003,13:40
you mean something like main frame. ???
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