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Topic: Win95 tech support stinks...
started by: squinky

Posted by squinky on Sep. 21 2003,18:52
My dad's friend just came in with his laptop and could not get the modem to work.  The drivers were installed and the modem would dial, but Windows would tell the modem to send some weird encrypted junk for the user name and password.  Oh well, I just put DSL on a business card cdr and popped it in.  It worked.  I now cary it around with me wherever I go.  As for the laptop, the friend only uses it to check mail and browse the web occasionally... maybe I can convince him to switch to Mandrake?

Anyway, a full, useable system that fits in my pocket is amazing, and the work done on it is marvelous!  Thank you John!

Posted by wrayal on Sep. 21 2003,19:18
Hence why the legions of Linux users grow soul by soul and silently ;)
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