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started by: codestorm

Posted by codestorm on Nov. 10 2003,00:17
Hey John and all,

1. Dang but some (few) people in the forums have a nerve. To my knowledge John has made DSL for something to do, and offered it on the web cos he felt like it.

But some people aren't very complimentary when it comes to things missing, or being a bit buggy, or something not being obviousd to do (and them not having RTFM).

Having said that ...

2. When's smb support coming, John? :;):
That's prolly the sole outstanding thing stopping me using it at work (and at home, instead of Knoppix), to rub in the bosses noses (No, I can't install it to HD).
BTW, I have no idea how big any kinda of samba support is.

Well, that's me for now.

Posted by shunya on Nov. 19 2003,03:28
For Samba support, look at Puppy Linux:

< >

Posted by DrWatt on Dec. 13 2003,02:22
Puppy linux is very cool, and its small, even with samba and Ted. Only problem is its based on Red Hat, so you don't get apt-get, which is easier to use than rpm in my opinion. In addition, Puppy doesn't seem as much like linux when you drop down into a shell. It seems to lack some of the basic commands I have grown used to with DSL.
Posted by TyphoonMentat on Dec. 13 2003,20:40
Erm, I don't really want to plug my own distro, but Feather Linux has Samba support :;):
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