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started by: damnsmallbankaccount

Posted by damnsmallbankaccount on Sep. 22 2003,02:25
DSL is a dream come true.  I got this coffeeshop.  We have made it a wireless hot-spot.  It is located on a college campus.  We also have a few "older" pcs that we have put out so the patrons can check email and such.  They are all running 98 second edition.  I know, "Boo, hiss".  It seems like I am always having to "undo" all the changes that people are doing to these machines.  I want to rip all the hard drives out of these machines use a knoppix-based distro to boot these PCs.  Instead of remastering Knoppix, I would like to remaster DSL into a web-cafe`-kiosk distro for my own personal use.  It would make my life much easier.  I need to remove all the apps in DSL, all the fluxbox themes, add Phoenix and a couple of IM clients and my own theme.  Would this be a big deal?  Are there any good docs that would help me.  I am not a linuxer, but I am getting better.


Posted by John on Sep. 22 2003,03:49
Check out the remaster docs at  The process will be about the same with a few differences:
1) You can remaster DSL with a lot less ram and HD space.
2) You will have to restore the dpkg database (info in the FAQs).
3) You will have to be a lot more careful with X -- DSL's X setup is a jalopy of this and that, not standard Debian stuff.

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