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started by: SeanOn

Posted by SeanOn on Nov. 19 2003,20:11
I have been charged with the task of investigating various linux distro's on low end pcs (typically p75-200) with at best 64mb ram for mission critical (kind of) end-user. Because of the so very many distrobutions out there, I don't necessarily have the time to fully test out stability and capability. The majority of my testing has just been to make sure I can get a gui, and a browser with java support, and it runs reasonibly.

I have been very pleased with DSL as far as those topics are concerned, and also the simplicity of installing it (the end users will not be too savy therefore this is fairly important) . I was curious as to if anyone has used DSL for industrial purposes, and any other advice or comments about stability.

Posted by Gilbert Ashley on Nov. 19 2003,20:28
I haven't seen anything easier to get up and running than DSL. However to get a decent browser you'd have to add packages to the distro, and since DSL is still under development it lacks much of the functionality of a regular linux distro. I do recommend that you try it, though. It runs fast on these small machines. I run on a 233MMX with only 32MB RAM. It's fairly easy to install, but installing other software is still a bit tricky. And it's still not possible to have a secure multi-user system with DSL. Some handy folks are working on ironing out these issues, but because of the way that DSL runs LIVE it's going to take quite a bit of re-engineering to do this. Try it! If the browser works for your purposes it's great.
Posted by SeanOn on Nov. 19 2003,21:44
Thanks for the prompt reply Gilbert,

my post may have been a little misleading, I have installed DSL on a p166 w/64mb and it seems to be working ok. These boxes will most likely be used as appliances, an end-user data entry terminals that will be interfacing a servlet driven website. I imagine there will be some light client side javascript involved (not necessarily) just to make things slightly more inviting to "hostile" users who really don't want to make the change. That being said the project is in early stages, so I am in the process of narrowing the field, which may dictate what the developpers are capable of.

I like DSL because it fits the system requirements of what we are looking at for recycling old PCs, and having the ability to quickly get the system back up and running incase of emergency. The way the team I'm working with envisions the end product will require quite a bit of customization, I would like to discuss it more but preferably not in a forum.

Posted by skaos on Nov. 20 2003,13:39
You could also take a look at Vector Linux, < http://www.vectorlinux.com >
Posted by SeanOn on Nov. 26 2003,14:42
Quote (Guest @ Nov. 20 2003,08:39)
You could also take a look at Vector Linux, < http://www.vectorlinux.com >

thanks for the suggestion, seems recent releases vector is geared towards 233MHz+ systems, which puts it slightly outside of the hardware requirements, I may try an older version, any suggestions?
Posted by libretto on Nov. 26 2003,15:37
Well just to say, I'm running DSL 0.4.8 on a Toshiba Libretto 70CT, which is a P120MMX and 32MB RAM. The only problems I have had is that the soundchipset was not automatically picked up, but loading a kernel module didnt prove that difficult.

Hope this helps.

Posted by delboy on Nov. 26 2003,15:47
My P133mhz 40mb ram Digital Hinote VP535 notebook has easily allowed DSL to load and run but the Neomagicgraph 128 videocard is not supported.  It needs the fb800x600 line at boot which actually leaves a very good display.  This machine is also pretty happy with installing Vector 3.2 for which the SVGA graphic server supplied is OK. Version 4.0 is a no-no I'm afraid.
Posted by betaluva on Nov. 29 2003,07:42
http://delilinux.berlios.de/  DELI LINUX,a full distro for old 486/pentium pc,s
Posted by johnmarranca on Nov. 30 2003,00:42
Gee...LOW end PCs.  This is subject fodder that is perfect for my company!  I have 3 of my company's laptops, all of which are Compaq Armada 1550s...they are Pentiums at 133 Mhz with 80 Meg of RAM...and since I have been running DSL, they feel like NEW machines!!!  Quite honestly, if BeOS was compatible with the video chipsets, I would use them, but Compaq likes "different" video.  However, Damn Small, simply rocks!!!  If DSL helps this old P1 run this well, I can only imagine how great it runs on my AMD Athlon....

I'll have to try it.


PS: I think I'll also try DSL on our 486 IBM Thinkpads.....

Posted by oldPCLinux on Dec. 05 2003,22:51
I've got DSL running on a PI-100 laptop under VMware. It runs great- I can run SSH, the internet, built in apps- the works. Great OS
Posted by regular light live CD user on Dec. 10 2003,21:21
I just had this idea of a live file CD based on DeLi,(it could be
called DeL(ight). Geared specifically at old PCs.
Say down to 386s?

For now I`m going to try DSL on this old IBM pc 750 p90
with 24 megs of ram.

Many kudos to John for DSL!

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