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started by: binary_w0lf

Posted by binary_w0lf on Sep. 30 2003,14:17
Hello ..
I have just found about this linux version and i have to say that im completely impressed...
And i have a question-idea...

Is it possible to make this distro use as a harddrive the cd its on???
Im mean.. is it possible to put a program.. or the kernel ... that will save any info you would like on the cd that this distro is on , afcource if the cd is re-writable??

Posted by vocabulaic on Sep. 30 2003,15:26
it's possible - but then you'd need a bigger cd....
Posted by ImNotHere on Sep. 30 2003,15:40
er.. not really I don't think
Posted by binary_w0lf on Oct. 01 2003,05:02
Thats ok..
Im mean if this distro is only 50 mb what about the 550mb (atleast)  

Posted by vocabulaic on Oct. 01 2003,17:26
There isn't 550 left if you use the business-card CD's like I believe it was intended to run on...

However, if you were to run DSL off of a 600M you "could" save your work to the other areas of the cd.... but not at the same time you're running DSL. Also, you would need a cdrecord front-end in DSL to be able to do it.

It seems (at least my) CD-RW drive likes to puke when you try to burn to the same CD that your currently running your system off of.

Posted by MaSa on Oct. 01 2003,18:57
How about instead of attempting the impossible, put DSL onto a compact flash / memory stick like in 'off site / related links' and either boot from it or mount from boot disk.

By using the flash method you could have a portable 'hd install' with all the upgrades and software that you want.

I am setting up MySQL 4 / PHP 4 / Apache 2 / XMail etc on my system and once I am happy with the setup - copy it to compact falsh and use the IDE adapter avaliable.

The good thing about DSL is that it not cluttered with things like KDE, which I find graphically very good, but find it hard to understand the file structures below.

Posted by Randy Boehm on Oct. 08 2003,02:05
I am curious too about writing to a RW-CD. Am a linux newbie, and am curious if one could set it up to run in RAM to do this.

At present I am less tempted by DSL's size than by the possibility of a "Dam-Fast-to-Boot-Linux", especially if it can be combined with a cheap laptop that does not take forever to get to the boot-up.

Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 08 2003,02:30
John (the creator) is talking about this < here > also. :)

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