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Topic: DSL for my UberUberBox?
started by: ImNotHere

Posted by ImNotHere on Dec. 07 2003,06:40
I was thinking of making a cool case for my Pentium 166 when I though, why not make a uberuberbox?
My uberuberbox will comprise of
1 N64
2 N64 Controllers
1 PS1
2 PS1 Controllers
1 Huge Cardboard Box
1 Pentium 166 w/ 48MB of ram and 1 MB video card (serial mouse, pre-ps/2 keyboard
1 15' monitor
1 13' TV
All stuck in a big box (Don't worry I will add some cooling)
And I am pretty sure I will use DSL on the computer inside the uberuberbox =)
Just letting ya know, it will be awhile before I finish this whole thingy.

Posted by John on Dec. 07 2003,09:16
That sounds like a very interesting project, please show us some pics when it's done.
Posted by ImNotHere on Dec. 08 2003,00:33
See, this is why we need a general fourm  :D  to post random er.. crap like this.
Posted by Asmodeus on Dec. 08 2003,12:10
True, brutal, but true.

Posted by ImNotHere on Dec. 08 2003,22:03
Just a quick note, could you add Gtuxnes? its only about 37 KB and it adds a pretty nice GUI to tuxnes, useful if you want to play other ... public domain roms than the ones already on there. Also, is joystick support enabled or will I have to make a rebuilded version.
Posted by John on Dec. 11 2003,08:36
Gtuxnes, yeah sure.
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