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started by: foolserrand

Posted by foolserrand on Nov. 24 2003,09:20
I have to share something that is amazing me right about
I can't believe I'm actually online right now. See, I'm
connecting right now with DamnSmall through a 2way
satelite ics
(the host PC is running windows xp!) I can hardly believe
I just fired Dillo up and sure enough, it works. I would
never imagined it would have worked that easily. The
is, I screwed up an the partition/installation
via windows 98, lost everything I had on the disk, low
formated, installed freebsd, low level formatted again after
a very faulty bsd attempt, ultimately reinstalling DamnSmall.Whew!
I had a harder time setting up the satelite ics with two
windows operating systems together than with Dillo-DamnSmall.
All in all, a very solid distro, and I'll never go back to
windows as long as I have a choice.

Posted by DSLover on Nov. 25 2003,03:03
You Wanna Know Something Else That's Cool About Damn Small Linux? It boots on my laptop, it is a Digital Hinote Ultra II, and the specs are:

Pentium 133mhz
48 megs/ram
1 meg of video acceleration (If that!)

DSL is also good because I can boot it off of my Harddrive, and it's tiny! The Only problem I am having is that my trackball -mouse doesn't work, i have to plug in a PS/2 mouse, it's well worth it. I am thinking of un-installing Windows98...

Posted by Delboy on Nov. 29 2003,11:04
DSlover: youv'e got further than I have with your Digital.  My Digital Hinote VP535 166mhz, 40mb can also boot from the hard drive but C:\ partition,  not the hda3 partition - DSL just wouldn't install there (did you manage this? if so how?).  I can only use the added 'fb800x600' line option at boot to get a (good) display, the standard xserver setup routine at boot fails in every option.  The Neomagicgraph 128 video chip in these old Digitals is not very well supported in Linux.  Have you been able to set up you video properly? how?, maybe youv'e got a different card
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