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started by: Rapidweather

Posted by Rapidweather on Jan. 25 2004,15:39
There is a topic on Slashdot today about the live cd distros. I got in there and posted about Damn Small Linux, telling exactly how to set it up to resolve some of the problems Slashdotters complained about in some live cd setups. My post there should generate some positive traffic to the DSL site, and using the suggestions I made, some new users should get going using this very nice distro: DSL
Posted by se7en on Jan. 25 2004,19:54
LoL well thank you RapidWeather cause i was lookin on slashdot and read your post, and thought i'd check out DSL, and now im another happy "customer" haha :P
Posted by engie on Jan. 25 2004,23:08
Same here - saw the post and am a complete convert already! Cheers RapidWeather!

/me sends $10 John's way...

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