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started by: Jason

Posted by Jason on Oct. 04 2003,04:45
Hi, I found out about DamnSmallLinux from a post on a message board that I also help moderate.  Anyway, just wanted to say that this version of Linux is my first experience using any type of Linux and I like it, even though most of the time I have no idea as to what I'm doing!  The main thing I can't figure out right now is why I can't take the CD out of the tray to put a music CD in... and, for some strange reason, when I go to shut down the computer while using it, whatever it says on the screen is a garbled mess over the graphical stuff, but it does let me take the CD out of the drive.
Other than that, I think it's nice... ought to be called "the linux you can download on dialup if you have about 3 extra hours with nothing to do..."

Posted by ImNotHere on Oct. 04 2003,07:22
Well.. 3 hours on dail-up is pretty good :) most distros are about 700 - 2100 MB as opposed to 46ish. Did you load DSL to ram? You can't take out the disk unless you do that, to do so type knoppix toram right after the computer boots instead of pressing enter. I think that might solve your problem.. it might not :)
Posted by ImNotHere on Oct. 04 2003,07:23
As for the garbled mess er.. you are on your own :)
Posted by Jason on Oct. 05 2003,04:51
Thanks for the tip, ImNotHere.
Still would be nice to know if anyone knows what the text (or whatever it is) that comes up as a garbled mess on my screen after you select 'shut down' is... I don't want to be missing anything important.

Posted by soinsg on Oct. 08 2003,17:47
Is it the remains of the xserver setup screen, but unaligned to the screen resolution?
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 08 2003,19:42
It could also be an incorrectly set frequency.

Posted by alien2k on Oct. 08 2003,22:50
You could try adding "vga=normal" to the end of the boot string, remember if you're not typing any other options (such as "toram") to put "knoppix" first. This will force the graphics card into useing a pure text mode to display the bootup and shutdown messages. I have to use it on my PC as my monitor really dislikes the default mode.


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