dsl 1.5 hd install is same as frugal install

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Topic: dsl 1.5 hd install is same as frugal install
started by: mustang335

Posted by mustang335 on Oct. 04 2005,23:08
When I install dsl to hd it installs frugal install. Same kernal as frugal install no scsi no apm and such. Any Ideas. Thanks otherwise all is cool.   Marty
Posted by brianw on Oct. 04 2005,23:26
Are you sure it is the kernel or the boot options.  The setup I have put some of those in the boot line for grub so they are excluded at boot time.  Are you using lilo or grub?  If you are using lilo check the lilo.conf (I think it is) file for the boot options.  If you are using grub check the menu file in /boot/grub for the boot options.
Posted by adssse on Oct. 04 2005,23:27
I am not sure I follow. What method did you use to install? Frugal and a regular hd install are quite different although they both contain info on the drive. I believe some of the options you mentioned are default in both installs.
Posted by mustang335 on Oct. 11 2005,20:44
I used regular install and frugal install. Both provided me with a version of the kernal which did not support my scsi card. both had noapm noscsi and such. I did try in grub to change parameters but no luck. In dsl 1.4 I had no problem with install. It did not give me the frugal kernal. 1.4 is the dsl I am using on the hard drive now. Dsl is great. Just a few little things to fix. I am using it on a p3 750 with 392 or so ram and It runs fast. I did notice some problems in emelfm after I copied files the mouse cursor would use up to 90% of processor power just moving it. The cursor would freeze temp also.That only happenned in 1.4. Once I shut down emelfm the cursor problems disappeared. Thanks   Marty
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