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started by: funky

Posted by funky on Dec. 09 2003,12:23
Hello everybody,
I've set vga=normal in the lilo.conf file because lines don't scroll properly in text mode with the default setting vga=791, but the x server refuses to start:

modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module fb0
XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":0.0"
after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

I don't have any problem in running x server with vga=791, but I need my 80x25!

Thanks for your help

Posted by ursixc9 on Dec. 09 2003,16:59
I got this post from someone on this forum and it works!!  Remember to run the lilo before reboot.

1) If you are booting from CD, then the boot parameter 'fb800x600' should get the job done

2) If you're booting from HDD, you don't get to manually enter a parameter, to set the system to do this,
you have to edit the etc/lilo.conf file. Find the line 'vga=<somenumber>'. Change <somenumber> to whatever mode you
feel comfortable with below:

Use the Non-Hex Numbers, I have included a conversion chart.
Colours   640x400 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x1024 1600x1200
4 bits  |    ?       ?     0x302      ?        ?        ?         ?
8 bits  |  0x300   0x301   0x303    0x305    0x161    0x307     0x31C
15 bits |    ?     0x310   0x313    0x316    0x162    0x319     0x31D
16 bits |    ?     0x311   0x314    0x317    0x163    0x31A     0x31E
24 bits |    ?     0x312   0x315    0x318      ?      0x31B     0x31F
32 bits |    ?       ?       ?        ?      0x164      ?         ?
0x300 = 768
0x301 = 769
0x302 = 770
0x303 = 771
0x305 = 773
0x307 = 775
0x310 = 784
0x311 = 785
0x312 = 786
0x313 = 787
0x314 = 788
0x315 = 789
0x316 = 790
0x317 = 791
0x318 = 792
0x319 = 793
0x31A = 794
0x31B = 795
0x31C = 796
0x31D = 797
0x31E = 798
ox31F = 799
0x161 = 353
0x162 = 354
0x163 = 355
0x164 = 356

************Save the file, and at the prompt run 'lilo' then reboot and all should be well

To reset back to normal change the 'vga=<number>' to 'vga=normal'.

Posted by funky on Dec. 09 2003,21:46 worked! Thanks dude!
Posted by Crotalus on Dec. 09 2003,23:23
That post would be mine, :D , and yes it does work. At least it has been posted elsewhere now.
Posted by Delboy on Dec. 23 2003,02:30
Crotalus, thanks for the promising looking fix.  I have managed at long last to get DSL ( to hard disk install correctly.  Whereas before I had to rely on 'fb800x600 parameter at the live boot I can'y now.  Within the console I am stuck with now, exactly how do I find and open this lilo.conf file to change the vga= setting?
Posted by Crotalus on Dec. 30 2003,00:23
Ok dellboy, after you have the error about fb0, you need to do the cmd, cd Etc and then to edit a document use the command nano <filename> so it would be nano lilo.conf. Sorry for the rather late response, I've been away a while.
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