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Topic: USB not working in X
started by: carcam

Posted by carcam on Dec. 28 2006,08:36
I have a little problem with my X-Window. The PC where I pretend to use DSL is very old (a MMX pentium @ 200MHz) and it doesn't have ps/2 ports. So I bought a USB PCI card so that I could use a new keyboard and mouse. The problem is that although the kernel recognizes both devices and allow me to write with the keyboard, when I start the X session, both, the mouse and the Keyboard stop  working. I have tried all the configurations for the mouse with no success. What could I do to get them working in X without installing XFree?
Posted by roberts on Dec. 28 2006,19:32
Start by posting the contents of the file:


Then maybe someone can spot the problem, or not.

Posted by carcam on Dec. 28 2006,21:04
well, my .xserverrc is:

Code Sample
exec /user/bin/X11/Xvesa -mouse /dev/input/mice,5 -screen 1024x768x24 -shadow -nolisten tcp -I &>/dev/null

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