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started by: drcrunch

Posted by drcrunch on Jan. 06 2007,03:24
I have been using the DSL for a few weeks and have noticed that I have been unable to drag and drop the link from a website that I use regularly.  I installed to the hard drive and have tried setting the permissions all the way to 777 on .xtdesktop and the others in the ramdisk/home/dsl directory all to no avail.  What am I not getting?
Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 06 2007,05:04
There is no drag and drop in DSL, and there is no "desktop" in the sense of a place where you can store files.

xtdesktop is an application that displays icons on the root window. Look at the *.lnk files in /home/dsl/.xtdesktop to see how these icons are displayed.

If you want to make a desktop icon to a website you will need to create a myurl.lnk file containing the command
firefox < http://www.someurl.whatever >

Posted by drcrunch on Jan. 07 2007,08:36
I comprehend.
I have appended.  All is well.
I need more thumbnails.

What do you know about thin client booting DSL from SUSE and not being able to reach the web with the client once your up?  I have been reading for days and my head hurts.......just an idle thought...When I give up I will post this in the proper seems to be a SUSe problem anyway.

Thanks for your help in all of this.

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