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started by: EmperorPigmeus

Posted by EmperorPigmeus on Jan. 15 2007,06:25
I don't know if it's the right place but I'd to know if there is a way to run a X session throught SSH.
I mean I'm used to log to my DSL computer via SSH by NetSarang Xshell but I'd like to have a desktop remote connection from my linux computer to my Windows Xp computer.
I downloaded Xmanager. It s able to open a X session but via SSH (TElNET TLOGIN or other protocols) but they only show how to start a KDE, GNOME or CDE session. It open first xterm prompt and then it execute "startkde" "gnome-session" or "Xsession".
I tried to do the same on DSL. I execute "startx" on a xterm but it only open a session  on my DSL computer's screen.

Any suggestion if it's possible?

Posted by skaos on Jan. 15 2007,12:09
You could try this: < >
I have no idea if it supports ssh or the DSL window manager.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 15 2007,20:13
To forward the X connection, (no idea if xauthority is set up properly) you can use ssh -X then you can test it by running xcalc.

However, the client computer will also require some sort of xserver as well, so maybe that tool skaos posted may work (didnt check it out), or you may run it through cygwin or some virtual machine running an xserver, etc.

Posted by Zucca on May 29 2007,14:53
Can you guys suggest any low bandwidth remotedesktop protocol?
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