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Topic: Truetype fonts and xfree86
started by: divyeC

Posted by divyeC on Mar. 03 2007,17:37
i am a noob. installed xfree86.dsl. need to configure a particular ttf so that my html docs show it in dillo/firefox.
i have legit ttf file but have no idea how to make fonts.dir or fonts.scale.
also donot know if they are essebtial.

please help

a million thanks in anticipation

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 03 2007,20:55
I think you can add the directories in your xconfig using FontPath

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Posted by divyeC on Mar. 04 2007,04:26
thanks man
I checked out the thread in fonts and i have pretty much followed it. but to no benifit.
i also tried appending fontpath in bash using
sudo xset +fp /home/dsl/fonts   '#the path where my ttf file is

the following error message appears
Directory doenot exist or has wrong permission
Directory missing fonts.dir
Incorrect font server address or syntax

Posted by divyeC on Mar. 04 2007,18:24
used ubuntu to create the fonts.dir and fonts.scale files. Dumped these in a home/dsl/fonts dir and then

xset fp+ /home/dsl/fonts
zilch happed...errors galore

tried copying font.ttf with fonts.dir and fonts.scale to

same issue

the error message as follows
xset: bad font element (#58), possible causes are;
   Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
  Directory missing fonts.dir
   Incorrect font server address or syntax

help me help me please.... some one else has had the same prblem and fixed it a year ago, refered to

< >

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 05 2007,04:43
Well he used "xfstt" - did you try that?
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