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Topic: Yellowish colors @800x600
started by: Stevendefeij

Posted by Stevendefeij on Mar. 08 2007,18:31
It very strange.

I'm using xvesa the other one doesn't work nor would I prefer it.

Wenn I set the display too 640x480 with 16 bit color every works (with a black border but the colors are fine).

But any other mode gives me a yellowish color on screen very anoying too look at.

The videochip is a CT65550 with either 0.5 or 1 mb mem.

I can't really use full Xfree because this laptop (thinkpad 310) only has 16 mb of ram.

CPU is a k6-2 450@233 MHz. (my personal mod it used to be a pentium 1 133MHz but required severy underclocking too work stable.) Installed version is DSL 3.2 harddisk install not frugal.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 08 2007,18:59
Try booting with fb800x600
Posted by Stevendefeij on Mar. 12 2007,11:29
Quote (^thehatsrule^ @ Mar. 08 2007,13:59)
Try booting with fb800x600

Like I said the resolution is not a problem it is the color of the screen that does seem too be right.

Booting with fb800x600 still gives me a yellow screen except wenn setting the resolution too 640x480 16bit
But I can't really use that because with the black border around the screen is just too small.

Any 800x600 resolution messes up the colors really strange.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 12 2007,13:47
Yes, but framebuffer mode is different - but I have just noticed you're running a traditional style hd... so I'm not sure if it will work properly or not... but did you try running xsetup after and choose the xfbdev server after booting with fb800x600?

Alternatively, some systems offer increasing the amount of memory assigned to your video system so you can try that instead if it applies. (check motherboard bios/manual)

Posted by Stevendefeij on Mar. 12 2007,17:45
This sysem is too old I can't increase the amount ram, it has 1 mb of dedicated memory (LOL).

Anyway I installed XFree86 (only got 10 MB of diskspace left now) and The colors are fine.
I can use 800x600 16bit but only 256 but without a doubt a limitation of my crappy CT65550 videocarad.

Thanks for the help so far.

Aanyway just one other question.
Now that I'm running XFree86 the Desktop icons are gone, and I checked the setting but I just can't seem too get them back.

Posted by Juanito on Mar. 13 2007,03:23
Quote (Stevendefeij @ Mar. 12 2007,16:45)
Now that I'm running XFree86 the Desktop icons are gone, and I checked the setting but I just can't seem too get them back.

I had a simililar problem (in my case due to the BIOS not giving the graphics enough memory) - you might cure it by using 800x600 8bit or 4bit
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