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started by: tellar

Posted by tellar on May 22 2007,20:26

When logged in as user dsl the programs windows are too big for the screen, although the wallpaper seems to be the correct size. My laptop can only handle 800x600, and Grub starts DSL with those settings. The Xserver settings are set to 800x600. I can't understand why the programs windows are too big.

It all works fine when logged in as root however. Firefox, Dillo etc are the right size when logged in as root. Does anyone know how I can change these settings for user DSL?

Posted by mikshaw on May 22 2007,21:54
The easiest solution I can think of is resize the windows manually (Alt+drag with right mouse button). If you have your personal settings backed up most of the applications will save the dimensions automatically.

Otherwise, you'll need to change some config files. Most applications that accept a commandline geometry setting can be forced to a particular geometry in /home/dsl/.Xdefaults

Those that don't read these settings probably have their own configuration file somewhere in /home/dsl. For example, Dillo can be configured in .dillorc

Still there are others that don't respect the conventional Linux methods of configuration, such as Firefox, and you're left having to manually resize the windows every time.

Still another option is to try out one of the window managers that don't allow windows to be resized beyond the screen borders. Ratpoison and wmii are two that come to mind.

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