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Topic: docking kadu/gaim in systemtray
started by: kreon28

Posted by kreon28 on June 01 2007,17:30

I've got problem with docking my kadu(something like gaim) messanger) in a systemtray.

I added to /.fluxbox/init line:
Code Sample workspacename, prevwindow, nextwindow, iconbar,   prevworkspace, nextworkspace, systemtray, clock

but it didn't work. Anyone know the reason why fluxbox can't dock qt application?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 01 2007,19:55
To use the systemtray, you probably need a newer version of fluxbox (see fluxbox release/change notes).

Personally, I find docking to the slit suits my needs, but thats up to you (and if the program supports it)

Posted by mikshaw on June 01 2007,21:32
Yeah, I don't think there is a system tray in fluxbox 0.1
Posted by kreon28 on June 02 2007,09:57
But in DSL 3.0.1 that worked!
Posted by mikshaw on June 02 2007,14:35
Honestly I think that if it worked you were probably using a version of Fluxbox from the 0.9.x line. I'm pretty certain 0.1.14 does not have support for KDE/Gnome system tray.

If you were using the Fluxbox that is part of DSL base, I don't know what to say. I'm no expert, but I have become more familiar with Fluxbox than most other window managers over the years.  According to the changelog, systemtray support was added in 0.9.5, and the configuration was added in 0.9.6

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