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started by: blip

Posted by blip on June 23 2007,07:33
Can you tell me - is there a way of making the desktop icons smaller ( as well as text)...I'm used to a more 'OS9' way :)

Posted by curaga on June 23 2007,09:41
;) increase the resolution

That's the quick an' dirty solution. Font size can be made smaller by editing fonts.alias (don't remember where it is, use find) for the "fixed" font. It is the default font, just change that number that looks like a font size to smaller one..

As for icons, only 1 size of each is included. Imagemagick has good quality resize filters ;)

Posted by blip on June 23 2007,10:53
I couldn't get 1280x1024 before but I can now using Xvesa on the menu. I couldn't get this res before.

Posted by lucky13 on June 23 2007,14:12
I'm used to a more 'OS9' way

Posted this the other day. You might appreciate it (I removed the icon shadows, though).
< http://lucky13.blogsavy.com/mac-ish-roxtop/ >

Posted by blip on June 24 2007,09:03
Wow! That looks great ( I would say that!).
Lucky 13...how did you get those icons to appear ( like CD Rom / folders) - I want to do exactly what you've done!

I've always felt OS9 had the best look to it - lots of real estate and I love platinum. I can't stand the antialiased OS X - all that Web 2 stuff - give us old skool any day of the week!

Posted by lucky13 on June 24 2007,14:27
I've explained my set up throughout my blog; you can check categories for rox and look through the pages (both links are on top of every page). I use rox (available via mydsl), which is much more than the "filer" -- filer meaning a drag and drop window like the second shot on that page.

Rox also has a "pinboard," or what's more commonly called "desktop." The icons on my desktop are a rox pinboard. Multiple pinboards can be set up so you can change through them for various things of relevance; for example, I have pinboards set up for general use (the one on that page), for graphics work (with icons for imagemagick scripts so I can drag and drop on icons without having to use command lines), for internet stuff, etc.

And the bar across the very top is the rox panel. You can set up multiple panels the same way you can set up multiple pinboards, so they're relevant to whatever task(s) you want them. The panel can be put on top, along either side, or on bottom.

If you choose to use rox, I recommend you switch window managers. Rox doesn't play very well with the version of fluxbox in DSL, though I've seen screenshots of rox and fluxbox that show they can be compatible. Rox plays well with JWM, so you have a fall-back if you want to use it without adding another window manager to your system.

I use oroborus, and I've edited some of the default themes that came with it so the menu bars are a little shorter (16 versus 20 pixel, iirc). I've also used rox with windowmaker without any trouble.

Posted by blip on June 24 2007,19:10
Wow cool thanks for explaining that. I am using JWM anyway as I like it much more.

That taskbar at the top looks so useful. Ahh the OS9 look in my reach at last! I will report back when I try it out myself.

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