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started by: bwh1969

Posted by bwh1969 on June 23 2007,17:23
My monitor supports 1280*1024, but in DSL, I can't seem to pull this off.  On my HD install, the grub line is vga=791.  If I try to change that, it get on my monitor, (Samsung syncmaster 912N) a floating box saying 'mode not supported'  I have tried 775, 793, 794, 795 as well as "normal."  Normal works fine with the boot to X prosess, as with vga=791 or 792 but if I try to change the resolution in X with xvesa or xsetup to 1280*1024, I get the monitor's error message again.  Then I have the issue where I can't get a screen back to fix it and have to reset to reboot.

Under xp and kubuntu, the 1280*1024, which actually happens to be the native resolution for the monitor, this isn't an issue, although, I will say that if kubuntu installs a new kernel, the screen will flicker under shutdown and that message pops up for a moment, but the screen flickers again and the kubuntu logo comes on.

Something manual I need to work out?  I was looking for an xorg.conf file or something similar.  This has bugged me since I have started using DSL a few years ago.  I never really asked on the forum as the 1024*768 is okay, but is kind of grainy and I was hoping it would be resolved by each dsl version, and I am running 3.3 now.

Posted by lucky13 on June 23 2007,17:32
You can get xfree86 from mydsl. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.
Posted by Juanito on June 23 2007,17:59
Maybe this is due to your graphics card:

1. Maybe it does support 1280x1024 but only at lower colour depths?

2. Maybe you have an Intel 8xx graphics card that has issues with shared graphics memory?

An xorg-7.2 mega-extension is on its way to Roberts, maybe this might help also.

Posted by bwh1969 on June 24 2007,02:50
Edited and deleted prior post: here was the issue... but resolved.

Could not get xfree86 to work with the directions because the directions in the popup under "mydsl, system, XFree86" said to put the config file in /usr/X11, which does not exist, however; thinking I had to create it, I spend half an afternoon trying to make it work.  Argh :p

Simple, as it is an error.  The config file has to go in /etc/X11... where there is an X11 directory.

DSL quality looks like my kubuntu feisty distro now... with monitor running in native res of 1280x1024... the text always looked awful in lower res of 1024x768.  Finally.

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