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started by: zakiakhmad

Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 04 2007,11:16
Hello All,

I am using DSL to login with XDMCP to another Linux server. I have succeed login with RDesktop to Windows server. Also I have succeed login with VNC Viewer to another Linux Server.

But I haven't succeed login with XDMCP. Anybody can help me? Is it my problem that I face has a correlation between the Window Manager that I use? Of course I use Fluxbox and JWM Window Manager.

Are there any application that I need to login to XDMCP computer? Thank you for your attention.

Posted by curaga on Aug. 04 2007,16:57
Can you log to that Linux XDMCP server from other distros? To check the server is working..

For the client, ie DSL, you need nothing more, just boot text mode and access the server with "Xvesa -query ser.ver.ip.address", also add the option for resolution, color depth and refresh rate.

Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 05 2007,07:26
Hi curaga, thanks for your reply. I have succeed connected from other distros to my server. The process is really simple. Because I am using Ubuntu, I log to server using GDM (GNOME Desktop Manager).

Choose Options -> XDMCP Login from GDM.

I've tried your suggestion. But it doesn't work.
Xvesa -query ipserver

Nothing happens. The result, is other option available from the Xvesa command.

Posted by curaga on Aug. 05 2007,07:37
I meant you to replace ip.ser.ver with the ip address of the server, duh!

Like Xvesa -query
if the ip of the server is

Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 05 2007,07:58
Yap, I understand to replace ipserver with my own IP server. But, it still not work.

I try other command
# X -query ipserver
X: unable to open wrapper config file /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config
X: /tmp/.X11-unix has suspicious mode (not 1777) or is not a directory, aborting

Any more idea? Thanks!

Posted by curaga on Aug. 05 2007,08:08
You didn't get any messages from Xvesa -query?
'cause that should work..

You could also try "Xvesa -broadcast" to make it call any comp around

Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 05 2007,08:16
The message after I type

# Xvesa -query
# Xvesa -broadcast

is just the same. Option from Xvesa command
-bs disable any bacing store support
-c   turns off key-click

Posted by curaga on Aug. 05 2007,10:01
well, does it list query or broadcast? Or maybe it lists the options, 'cause you didn't add the resolution option..
Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 05 2007,10:37
Both of them, have the same result. How do I add the resolution options?

Is this true?
# Xvesa -query -screen 1024x800

Curaga, have you succesfully execute XDMCP from DSL computer? Would you share it with me

Posted by curaga on Aug. 05 2007,11:06
no, I haven't :(

That command would be "Xvesa -screen 1024x800x24 -query"

Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 05 2007,11:28
Still not work :-( I though you already try it. May we continue on my new topic?

I have made new topic

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 05 2007,17:24
New topic here: < http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....t=18863 >

However, I'll answer here since it does not have to do with display managers...
Did you try a full x server?  If you wish to still try with kdrive/tinyx you should check if any newer versions have that capability.

Posted by zakiakhmad on Aug. 30 2007,08:12
What do you mean by kdrive/tinyx? Is it the name of application? Where I can find it?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 31 2007,04:56
They are the "lite" xserver versions, of which DSL by default includes the xvesa and xf86dev (4.3.0?) servers.  Please use a web search for more info if needed.  Whitesparrow indicated in your newer topic that the included xvesa could not use xdmcp.
Posted by skaos on Aug. 31 2007,09:07
Some info about Xvesa, Kdrive etc:
< http://www.xfree86.org/current/Xvesa.1.html >
< http://www.xfree86.org/current/Xkdrive.1.html >
< http://lists.debian.org/debian-x/2000/12/msg00029.html >
< http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~jch/software/kdrive.html >

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