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started by: kluber

Posted by kluber on Aug. 14 2007,10:02
Hello All,

I have a problem which happened on different PCs, used by different users.

Our installation is this :
- PC
- DSL 3.0.1 - Fluxbox
- Rational Rose remote keyboard controler
- 24 keys industrial keyboard
- no mouse

Because of this installation, users has to push a key to say "hello" to Rational Rose controler, then do their job. They usually use ESC or CTRL keys to say "hello"

Sometimes, somewhere, after pushing some keys, they cannot continue their job because keyboard is staying in a special state.
It seems like the CTRL key was permanently pushed, like locked inside Fluxbox.
I then push the CTRL key on the keyboard and things goes well, like I was unlocking this CTRL key.

Has there a way to "lock" the control key ?
How can we do that ? I think that with such reply I will be able to avoid this key lock.

Here is the ~/.fluxbox/keys
Mod1 Tab :NextWindow
Mod1 Shift Tab :PrevWindow
Mod1 F1 :ExecCommand ""
Control F1 :ExecCommand ""
Mod1 F2 :ExecCommand "aterm -e"
Mod1 F5 :ExecCommand ""
Mod1 F6 :MaximizeWindow
Mod1 F7 :ExecCommand ""
Control F7 :ExecCommand ""

A short information can be very helpfull :-)



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