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Topic: Weird spurious right clicks in both Xvesa and XF86
started by: karoach71

Posted by karoach71 on Aug. 19 2007,23:43
Hi, all,

I have an old Logitech mouse with a bad microswitch, and although I have a Microsoft Wireless Desktop to replace it (using its keyboard as I write this  :D  ), its mouse has an odd spurious right-click issue in both XVesa and XFree86: Whenever it's moved around, the desktop context menu keeps appearing!

I'd love to start using this mouse again. I'm currently running Fluxbox in XFree86 (Love this extension!) and would like to know if there's a configuration change I might have to make...

Any feedback leading to a working solution is appreciated.


Posted by curaga on Aug. 20 2007,07:29
If the mouse is broken so it keeps clicking itself, no software can tell which are the mouse's clicks and which are yours..
Posted by gammelmarakuja on Aug. 20 2007,11:39
not a software configuration change but a hardware change ;) maybe you should get a new mouse :) there are some cheep mouses which work perfectly :)
Posted by karoach71 on Aug. 21 2007,02:44
It can't simply be a hardware problem; no matter which Microsoft wireless mouse I've used, it always sends more codes. I've never had a problem with these in Ubuntu.

I guess I'll have to avoid the Microsoft models, then...

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