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Topic: E17
started by: gammelmarakuja

Posted by gammelmarakuja on Aug. 21 2007,08:57
Is there only e17 as an uci? And do I install it? what do I have to do?
Posted by lucky13 on Aug. 21 2007,13:06
Read the info file. Note it's in testing and it has some warnings. You might want to use e16.uci instead.
< http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub....ci.info >

Installation is the same as for any other MyDSL extension:
mydsl-load name.uci

The same command will unmount it when you're finished.

There's no need to make multiple posts that ask the same question, and you should read the wiki for information about how to use MyDSL extensions and to learn what distinguishes UCI/UNC from dsl and tar.gz.

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