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started by: jaapz

Posted by jaapz on Aug. 21 2007,13:18

Because i first used Puppy Linux, but now changed to DSL some months ago, i like to use JWM instead of Fluxbox. And i'd like to change the theme of JWM. Well, you can download fluxbox-themes in the mydslbrowser, but i didnt find any for the JWM.
Is there a way to change the colors or the theme of JWM?


Posted by lucky13 on Aug. 21 2007,14:17
Yes, you can edit your .jwmrc -- the desktop settings are after the menu entries.
Posted by jaapz on Aug. 21 2007,14:31
thank you very much!
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 21 2007,14:32
There are a few themes in a thread somewhere in these forums (search "from the beginning" because it was quite a while ago). They were based on fluxbox themes that were found in DSL at the time.
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....;t=9593 >

Posted by roberts on Aug. 21 2007,19:44
Note too that DSL v3.x and prior uses an older JWM that I modified.
DSL v4.x + uses a stock (unmodified)  and much newer version of JWM.

Posted by jaapz on Aug. 21 2007,20:32
nice! well i'll be happy to see v4.0 anyway :)
i tried rc1 but there were some bugs in fluxbox ;)

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