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started by: DSlash

Posted by DSlash on Aug. 26 2007,20:40
Hey guys, I recently started using DSL again, but on the old pc I'm running it on now seems to be having some issues with XFree86.dsl. I do everything the instructions said, then CTRL-ALT-Backspace out of DSL and then StartX again. Everything loads up fine and I notice there's a decent bump up in the usual ram usage which I guess is a good sign that Xfree86 loaded. But then I go to use my keyboard and mouse, neither are working now. The "total on time" timer is still going so I don't think the system has completely crashed. It's a hard drive frugal install, so no damage done, but I would like to get Xfree86 working on the pc.

Any ideas? If you need any specifics from me, just let me know.  Here's a good portion of the system specs:

Pentium 2 333mhz
Rage 128
4gb HD
256mb of Ram

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 27 2007,03:29
As you probably know, the keyboard and mouse settings are controlled by entries in the file named XF86Config-4. Do the settings in the file you're using match your hardware?
Posted by DSlash on Aug. 27 2007,04:16
Oh wow, I guess I'm getting too spoiled with all this auto detecting stuff nowadays that I never really checked for the keyboard and mouse settings. I'll give a quick check over in the morning, pretty late here, will update this post if that was the problem. Thanks.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 31 2007,04:58
You could always try xf86config.dsl
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