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Topic: Fluxbox wallpaper amnesia
started by: yangmusa

Posted by yangmusa on Aug. 28 2007,23:31
When I reboot, the wallpaper always defaults to a particular wallpaper, rather than the one I had selected before reboot. I can of course quickly change this every time, but I'd guess this behavior is not entirely intended? At least when I started using DSL, I can't remember it doing this. I can't remember when it started behaving this way, and I don't think I've messed with the setup - other than to change wallpaper every now and then..

thanks, Magnus

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 29 2007,02:34
Depends on how you change your wallpaper, and whether or not your personal files (/home/dsl) persist after a reboot.

If you use the wallpaper app and click "ok" instead of "install" the background will not persist. If you set the background directly with xsri it will not persist.

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