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Topic: install wallpaper ( my jpg image)
started by: petunia50

Posted by petunia50 on Sep. 23 2007,03:39
I am a newbie.  Please help.  i've installed dsl to hdd.  I saved an image to the hdd & would like to use it as wallpaper.  I haven't been able to find a way to do this in the documentation.  Have I missed it?  Will someone please give me some help?  Again, I am very new, so do not worry about making things too simple.  I doubt if you can anyway.
Thank You

Posted by curaga on Sep. 23 2007,07:44
If you want it to be in the wallpaper list, copy it to the "official" wallpaper location, /home/dsl/.fluxbox/wallpapers, I think.

Or you could just use the same program the wallpaper tool uses to put it on..

Posted by stupid_idiot on Sep. 23 2007,08:10
Interesting wallpapers: < >

Posted by petunia50 on Sep. 23 2007,14:11
thanks to curaga.  I got the wallpaper installed just fine. Thanks also to stupid_idiot for the info about where to get other wallpapers.
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