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started by: MdB

Posted by MdB on Sep. 26 2007,14:00
A simple question, but I can't find the answer.

How do you change the double click speed for the mouse? I've recently installed DSL for a neighbour and his reactions are not what they once were.



Posted by MdB on Sep. 28 2007,13:41
Ok so I've made a tiny bit of progress on this.

Within the file ~dsl/.fluxbox/init there is a line as follows:
session.doubleClickInterval:  250

I believe that the window manager controls the double click speed in X so this could be what I'm after. Unfortunately, changing the number above to 2500 and restarting X makes no difference.

Any ideas?

edit - I've now found out that the above affects the double click speed of the window manager extras. For example, it affects the double click speed when clicking on the title border of the window. What I would like to be able to do is change the double click speed for all applications (and especially Emelfm). Will carry on investigating unless anyone can suggest anything.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 28 2007,15:02
Did you try something like: < > ?
Not sure if it works with the tinyx servers included in DSL though.

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 28 2007,15:13
I have never had a need or desire to research this subject, so this should be taken as observation rather than fact.

I think there is no centralized double-click interval setting. Applications individually respond to events in their own way. The reason KDE and Gnome (and Windows, I assume) have this apparently universal setting is because they tend to share settings among applications that use the same toolkit (KDE with Qt apps, Gnome with Gtk apps).

Posted by MdB on Sep. 28 2007,15:25
Didn't work :( Thanks for replying though.

I've been playing around with .gtkrc as I've come across this:
< >

Unfortunately, I can't find a manual on .gtkrc to show the format of this file. At least the ones I have come across never mention this as an option.

Posted by MdB on Sep. 28 2007,15:28
mikshaw, Emelfm uses gtk (I think) so changing .gtkrc should do it I would have thought. I certainly can change all the colours and stuff in the application by mucking around with it. The GTK manual on .gtkrc seems very brief and not very useful though.
Posted by MdB on Sep. 28 2007,15:51
Can't find much on Xvesa to see what it supports. hmm. running out of ideas here....
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 28 2007,16:11
The options I've seen so far seem to be restricted on what mouse driver you use... but an alternative you could use is setting a button that does a double click.
Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 28 2007,20:14
There's something about double-clicks in gtkrc here:
< >
(about halfway down the page)

I have no idea if this applies only to Gtk 2.0 or if it can also be used in DSL (Gtk 1.2)

Posted by MdB on Sep. 29 2007,21:43
gtk-double-click-time is not mentioned in the source for gtk 1.2  at all unfortunately which I guess says it isn't supported. Something must set the double click speed though....

There is an example in the FAQ for gtk 1.2 which I don't understand. Anybody follow this?

Code Sample
5.7 How do I catch a double click event (in a list widget, for example)?

Tim Janik wrote to gtk-list (slightly modified):

Define a signal handler:

   signal_handler_event(GtkWiget *widget, GdkEvenButton *event, gpointer func_data)
     if (GTK_IS_LIST_ITEM(widget) &&
          (event->type==GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS ||
           event->type==GDK_3BUTTON_PRESS) ) {
       printf("I feel %s clicked on button %d\",
              event->type==GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS ? "double" : "triple",

     return FALSE;

And connect the handler to your object:

     /* list, list item init stuff */    


     /* and/or */


     /* something else */

and, Owen Taylor wrote:

Note that a single button press will be received beforehand, and if you are doing this for a button, you will therefore also get a "clicked" signal for the button. (This is going to be true for any toolkit, since computers aren't good at reading one's mind.)

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