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started by: Quin

Posted by Quin on Nov. 12 2007,21:06
Hi there, I'm using dsl-4.0-embedded and I was trying to change my background to my favourite pic. I manage to find out apropriate command to change the background and I copied the picture on home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds but after reboot it dissapeared. Any clues? I'm Linux n00b so please be gentle :P
Posted by roberts on Nov. 13 2007,13:32
I just answered a very similar questions on backgrounds. You might want to read that as well.

Currently dfm is controlling the background. You would need to erase it to allow fluxbox to control the bakground. You set or rease the background with the options section of the dfm context menu over the root window.

Posted by Quin on Nov. 13 2007,21:49
Problem solved, many thanks :)
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