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Topic: Cosmetics - 4.x desktop icons - Reverse video
started by: john.martzouco

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 08 2007,21:17
Hi Robert,

This is a purely cosmetic suggestion.

When a desktop icon is selected, the system paints it up in reverse-video colors.  I know that this is industry-standard, but a couple of the icons look bad when this is done.  Prime examples are the Exit and Firefox icons (I added a shortcut).

Would it be possible to indicate the selected icon using a different mechanism? Perhaps drawing a full-line or dash-line rectangle around the icon instead?


Posted by roberts on Dec. 08 2007,21:39
I am really less interested in this, than in the comments, that some icons don't render well as mini-icons in JWM menus. In v 4.2 I have swapped out some icons in favor of others. Also, Lucky13 has  sent me some new colored folder icons that I will be using in 4.2.

I am not artistic! Some of you are, we have an xpm icon editor from mikshaw, lets see some examples. Keep them small in size ( approx 1500). Who knows, maybe I will include yours too.

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