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started by: Andreas

Posted by Andreas on Dec. 22 2007,08:39
Is there any way to use WM apps (battery, WLAN etc.) with JWM?
Read that JWM is more resource friendly than Fluxbox wich I didnīt know before...
The one and only reason Iīve preferred Fluxbox over JWM are those little WM apps Iīve never got to work with JWM.  :(

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 22 2007,11:40
I bet that we can find equivalents.  I've used Puppy for a few days and remember that it has a small application running in the 'System Tray' (the far right of taskbar where the clock is) that shows CPU usage over time as a graph.  I bet we could also find a battery app to do the same.
Posted by roberts on Dec. 22 2007,15:29
WM Apps, dock apps, slit apps are all additional processes, ie., cpu cycles and memory consuming. With low resource machines avoiding them could mean a big difference in performance.

JWM does not have the "slit" as fluxbox does. Instead of many processes with individual WM apps running. Torsmo was chosen as it is a single process and works with both fluxbox and jwm

JWM has the "swallow" to task bar. The cpu meter is currently "commented out" in .jwmrc as it duplicates what is shown in torsmo.

If we standardize on a single window manager, then it would make sense to add more swallowed apps to the task bar. But again each individual is another process, more memory consumed.

I am proud that DSL runs with so few processes. It is another reason that DSL runs so fast and so well on low resource machines.

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