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Topic: Changing wallpaper/icons/themes in 4.2
started by: blip

Posted by blip on Jan. 04 2008,23:59
Hi everyone..........

Not that I don't *love* :) the new theme in 4 (lol)...but I would like to change the background if possible....sorry I can't see where the background tool has gone from v3!

Also I found a brilliant set of 'Platinum' icons and window enhancements ( OS 9 icons of course! ) from a KDE theme it more trouble than it's worth trying to customise the look of DSL 4.2 a bit? I love OS 9 so the look and the carbon font....even if I could change some icons that would be great.....not a big deal if I can't.........

Thanks all.

Posted by lucky13 on Jan. 05 2008,00:15
You can convert the icons to XPM using imagemagick. Do a search -- it's been discussed a few times now. Once the icons are converted to XPM, it's just a matter of resetting your icons in dfmext.

Is it worth it? That's a very personal call.

Posted by blip on Jan. 05 2008,00:16
Thank you. How about just changing the background only?
Posted by lucky13 on Jan. 05 2008,00:20
Via commandline? You have at least two tools.

bsetbg -full pathto/wallpaper.ext


xsri --keep-aspect pathto/wallpaper.ext

Both have more options which you can find with --help flag after either command (e.g., xsri --help).

Posted by blip on Jan. 05 2008,01:09
Thanks Lucky.
Posted by curaga on Jan. 05 2008,11:22
A link to those icons?
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