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Topic: How to build X on DSL ?
started by: blogananda

Posted by blogananda on May 19 2008,20:35

I guess Iam asking for too much :-)

Iam trying to build "libXcursor" on DSL4 (with kernel 2.4.35 which i built)

# tar xvf libXcursor-1.1.9.tar
# cd libXcursor-1.1.9
# ./configure
checking for XCURSOR... configure: error: Package requirements (xrender >= 0.8.2 xfixes x11 fixesproto) were not met.

Can anyone advice me how easy/hard it is to build the following :

- xrender
- xfixes
- x11
- fixesproto

I believe building X11 would be the hardest one.

Any suggestions where I should start,in building "libXcursor" successfully ?

thanks in advance.
Swami Blogananda

Posted by lucky13 on May 19 2008,21:21
Are all the xfree/xorg extensions insufficient for what you want?
Posted by Juanito on May 20 2008,03:30
From what I remember when compiling xorg72, x11 was dependent on +/-20-30 source packages and about the only way to know which ones was to start with x11 and work backwards...
Posted by curaga on May 20 2008,14:24
I recommend following the advice in < BLFS >. It is for 7.2, so if you happen to want that version, using their well-thought ordered-by-dependencies wget lists will make your life easier.

In case you ask why 7.2, the reason is that 7.3 was a rushed low quality release, in which even all drivers didn't build and people had various problems that could've been spotted before release.

Posted by Juanito on May 20 2008,14:48
Nice link - would be that I'd seen that before embarking on the xorg72 odessy...
Posted by curaga on May 20 2008,15:35
Yeah, sorry, I thought about telling you but you were already a knee deep and seemed to know exactly what you were doing, so I didn't think you needed it :)
Posted by stupid_idiot on May 25 2008,03:09
libX11: inputproto, kbproto, libXau, libXdmcp, xextproto, xproto, xtrans
libXau: xproto
libXcursor: fixesproto libX11 libXfixes libXrender
libXdmcp: libXau, xextproto, xproto
libXfixes: fixesproto, libX11
libXrender: libX11, renderproto

01. < fixesproto > < inputproto > < kbproto > < renderproto > < xextproto > < xproto > < xtrans >
02. < libXau >
03. < libXdmcp >
04. < libX11 >
05. < libXfixes >
06. < libXrender >
07. < libXcursor >

Posted by blogananda on June 03 2008,06:48

Thanks everyone for replying to my query on building X11. Here are the steps that worked for me. I was able to build it on a version of DSL4.0 that I remastered, but replaced the kernel with kernel 2.4.35.  I have added instructions that are pre-requisites. Hope this helps.

Ananda Kammampati

* XFree86

# id      
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

# cd /usr/bin

# ln -s g++ c++

# cd /home/dsl

# wget < >

# tar zxvf ed_0.2.orig.tar.gz

# cd ed-0.2/

# ./configure

# make

# make install

# export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

# cd /home/dsl

# mkdir XFree86

# cd XFree86

# wget < >

# wget < >

# wget < >

# gzip -d < XFree86-4.7.0-src-1.tgz | tar vxf -

# gzip -d < XFree86-4.7.0-src-2.tgz | tar vxf -

# gzip -d < XFree86-4.7.0-src-3.tgz | tar vxf -

# cp xc/config/cf/xf86site.def xc/config/cf/host.def

# vi xc/config/cf/host.def
#define BuildFonts              NO
# mkdir build

# cd build

# lndir ../xc

# make World

# mv /usr/X11R6 /usr/X11R6-orig

# make install

# ls -lR /usr/X11R6 | wc -l

# make VerifyOS
make -f xmakefile VerifyOS
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/dsl/XFree86/build'

Building XFree86 version 4.7.0 (12 August 2007).

Building on Linux 2.4.35 i686 [ELF] (2.4.35)

Linux Distribution: Debian
libc version: 6.3.2
binutils version: 21.5

GCC version: 3.3

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/dsl/XFree86/build'

Posted by humpty on June 04 2008,14:14
thanks blogananda for that.
Posted by WDef on June 07 2008,12:25
Cool.  Thanks for documenting this.
Posted by chaostic on June 07 2008,13:53
How big is this compared to the standard X libs in dsl 4 (In kb)?

Can this be used to build super tiny 1 video card only X server (Like the accelerated x-servers in the mydsl repository, but for cards that don't have an accelerated x-server)?

And is recompiling to a newer kernel necessary?

And good work btw :D

Posted by curaga on June 07 2008,14:22
Creating a tinyX server of your own is not easy. C skills and X familiarity needed. Also all the accelerated tinyX servers came with X, none were created by me.
You don't need a new kernel to use newer X.

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