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started by: setecio

Posted by setecio on June 14 2008,11:05
I did this and now I can't find where I did it  :(

I changed the window surround bars and taskbar colour to a nice green and the text in the surrounds to an orange and I'm sure it was an 'orange and green' setting somewhere.

Where do I find the setting as I know it was there, I've searched everything in the menus (I think) but can't find it again.

Probably just a silly 'not seeing it' moment but where is the setting to change this again ?


Posted by lucky13 on June 14 2008,12:04
Which window manager? If you changed jwm, there's a file in your home directory called .jwmrc-theme with all the color values. You can change it with a tool in setup called setTheme.lua (listed in jwm menu as "setTheme"). If you're using fluxbox, its theme is found in the .fluxbox directory in your home directory.
Posted by setecio on June 14 2008,14:13
Thanks.I had deleted the files by mistake so I re-installed jwm themes in MyDsl browser and the colour options re-appeared in the themes where you said.
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