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started by: harcrow

Posted by harcrow on Aug. 25 2008,22:44
I have a via epia M11 1200 processor with the CLE266 chipset. I am running DSL kernel version 2.4.31.  I cannot get Xf86 or Xvesa to run.  I have had to download/compile a viafb dirver and run the Xfbdev xserver.  Has anyone else found a compatible driver to use?  I was going to compile a unichrome driver from openchrome, but have had issues getting compiled, and want to make sure there is not another option.  Either a precompiled version or if I should just switch to a 2.6 kernel.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 31 2008,07:17
I cannot get Xf86 or Xvesa to run.
What are your problems/errors?  (same question for your compilation issue)

You could also try xorg (which may have drivers included for your chipset).

Posted by Scioneer on Dec. 03 2009,23:03
The unichrome is a tough chip to find a Linux that likes it. I have an Averatec laptop that I tried until I settled on PCLinuxOS 2009, which is one Linux that has the driver. Hopefully, DSL can inpliment it in future releases. The Averatec I have would make an awesome DSL machine otherwise.
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