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started by: JohnJS

Posted by JohnJS on Dec. 18 2008,15:56
Just obtained a P4 2ghz 256ram.
Tried to use 4.4.10 but get strange colors.
For instance solitaire reds are blue.
Desktop has yellow taskbar.
Tried with 2 different monitors  (IIyama mf5117 and Gateway ev700).
No problems with P3 and same monitors.
Any suggestions?.

Posted by chaostic on Dec. 18 2008,21:51
What video card on the P4?
Posted by chalbersma on Dec. 18 2008,23:00
I've had that problem before with my neomagic card.  What I have to do is add a framebuffer cheatcode when I boot up.  try dsl vga=788 then choose fbuffer when the menu comes up.
Posted by JohnJS on Dec. 18 2008,23:50
lspci gives :
Intel Corp 82845G/GL [Brookdale-G]/GE/PE dram controller host-hub interface (rev01).
00:02.0 vga compatible controller same as above.

Also startup choices are in "cols and rows" instead of familiar 800x600 1028x768 etc.

Edit: tried vga=788 without success.
"Setup/xvesa" shows only choice is 640x480x16.

Edit 12/19:
Finally got the correct colors.  Booted "dsl vga=normal base etc.." but am limited to 640x480 16.

Edit: 12/20/08 images still too large. Found out I need to install xorg and dep files. Will attempt over the holidays.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Posted by JohnJS on Dec. 24 2008,14:33
Xorg72.uci and Xorg72setup.tar.gz. worked with my P4 with Intel video.
(Thanks to thehatsrule and juanito)

Had to install  ver3.4.12.

Can the resolution be changed? Right now it is very small. The fonts and images are tiny.

By the way the above extensions were released before the advent of ver 4xxx so the program icons do not work.

Posted by Iang on Dec. 24 2008,18:50
Try booting with the 'DSL noddc' cheatcode. I have a monitor that also gave strange colours at higher resolutions & that fixed it.
Posted by JohnJS on Dec. 24 2008,21:04
Hi Iang,
Tried noddc but did not make any difference. My problem is that I have only 640x480x16 available on vesa setup.

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