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started by: Guardian

Posted by Guardian on June 22 2005,19:49
Hi everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to compile or install the xfce enviroment in DSL... not that I don't like flux, I adore it, but this would be more like an experiment, any advises and/or help on this topic will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Guardian on Aug. 09 2008,15:27
Wow, i posted this question almost 3 years ago and nobody has answered!! this must be a record  :laugh:
Posted by lucky13 on Aug. 09 2008,19:01
To paraphrase what you wrote in the Beryl thread, installing Xfce with its blurry fonts and bloated icons is like trying to install a V6 on a bicycle. Unless you want to go way back and use a version that doesn't have the heavier dependencies of Xfce4. I used Xfce for a few months and I really don't see what you gain from it that you don't get from DSL's set up of jwm and dfm. It's not nearly as integrated as KDE, and it ends up using more RAM than KDE (especially if you stick with KDE apps) by the time you start running apps on top of it.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 09 2008,19:14
Perhaps it's because of this thread that opened after this: < http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....;t=8329 >

I did compile the latest (4.4.2) a while back but ran into some odd things when running it which I didn't want to spend time on.

And I can guess that there are many other threads that have no replies.

lucky13: you could probably change the fonts if you don't like the defaults.  (or maybe yours were anti-aliased, etc.?)

Posted by lucky13 on Aug. 09 2008,20:07
@hats: Yes, anti-aliasing=blurry. I tried changing fonts and turning anti-aliasing off, and then I did better than -- I compiled aterm, which uses less RAM than Terminal. Then I removed Xfce since I prefer ratpoison anyway. That reduced RAM use, CPU cycles, and freed up a bleep-load of space on my hard drive.

If you want blurry fonts in jwm so you can give it a pseudo-Xfce look like slitaz (iirc -- mind is first to go) had, you can add one of the GTK2 extensions with xft and recompile jwm to support xft blurring. Then add mrxvt if you want a tabbed terminal. Find some fancy icons to bloat up dfm and your taskbar and menu. Voila, faux Xfce in DSL, with less bloat and no mcs/thunar daemon stuff running.

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