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Topic: Can't get Fluxbox to work after installing wmice
started by: Zeniq

Posted by Zeniq on Oct. 08 2005,14:27
I used the extension panel to install wmice, just to try it out, and after seeing a very buggy display (no dsl menu, no icons) I decided I didn't like it and wanted to go back to Fluxbox.  Well, now I can't get the desktop icons back and they were working just fine before I installed wmice.  They flash for a second on booting up or using enhanced desktop, but then disappear again.
I even restored my /home/dsl/xinitrc file to the normal fluxbox one but with no luck.  I just want my window manager back :)
Any ideas?
I'm using a regular hard drive install btw.

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 08 2005,20:47
First, iceWM doesn't use the fluxbox menu, and probably doesn't load xtdesk, so the lack of icons and dsl menu are not bugs.

My guess is that iceWM, or something you did since, screwed with something in /home/dsl/.xtdesktop.  A quick fix would be to replace it with the original...
1) remove /home/dsl/.xtdesktop
2) as root, copy /etc/skel/.xtdesktop into /home/dsl
3) as root, change ownership of this directory to dsl:
chown -R dsl.staff /home/dsl/.xtdesktop/

Posted by Zeniq on Oct. 09 2005,01:15
Thank you, that certainly fixed it.  I noticed there were some lnk's without icons and vice versa in the old directory.
*Edit: I see now that Synaptic.png is there by default without a .lnk, some others however were not ;) *
What I meant by iceWM having a buggy display is that after I switched to it, I had numerous instances of, wmnet, asmem, etc., spawned on the right side and top left corner flashing with a grey background (you'd hover your mouse over them and they'd change places).
That was on a clean HD install after upgrading to GNU Utils, Apt Get, and a couple of other libraries.  But I only wanted to preview it, I'd much rather stay with Flux which is working fine again.


Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 09 2005,14:29
That is definitely weird sounds like a bug to me too =o)

As far as I know, xtdesk will run fine if you have an image without a link file, but will shut down if you have a link file without an image.  Other possible causes of trouble are whitespace at the end of a line in a link file, an unsupported image file type, a corrupted or unreadable image file (e.g. wrong permissions), or a typo in a link file.

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