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Topic: im confused
started by: chrisshehu

Posted by chrisshehu on Nov. 29 2003,16:30
ahhhh help i have no idea what im doing im trying to make a bootable disk useing nero burner its asaking me for a couple things that are thrwoing me off it wants a source for a boot image wth is that and were cna i get one i dont have one for this what emulation is it also is it a floppy emulation 1.44 or a hardrive emulation?
Posted by Gilbert Ashley on Nov. 30 2003,18:40
If you're trying to make a bootable Damnsmalllinux disk, you need to tell Nero to burn from an ISO image, not to make abootable disk. Choose the Copy Disk option. The dsl ISO image contains it's own boot image.
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