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Topic: Just booted, now what?
started by: chknfrmr

Posted by chknfrmr on Nov. 12 2003,21:59
I just booted DSL and it's asking for a login name and password.  What are they?  I tried root and various obvious passwords (like "password") but haven't been successful.  Can any of y'all give me a more obvious hint as to what the password for root is?  And are there any other users configured?  What are they?
I've looked at the FAQ's and other places on the site but haven't found this information.

Posted by vocabulaic on Nov. 12 2003,22:17
Then you should read on the forums more. This has been gone over a few times. By default, the root has no password, which must be set by doing "sudo su" then typing "passwd" and entering a new one.
Posted by chknfrmr on Nov. 12 2003,23:26
Ok, I searched the forums and didn't find anything.  I searched for "password".  How can I sudo when I can't get to a command prompt?
Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 13 2003,00:32
Did you try user "root" and just hitting "enter" at the password prompt?

When I use DSL, it boots directly into XWindows without asking for a password so I am just making a guess here.

Posted by KevB on Nov. 13 2003,12:49
How exactly are you booting DSL, it shouldn't be asking for login details unless you have HD installed and changed the runlevel. The root password is very easy to guess, and should not be posted on here for security reasons. Also please don't PM me asking for it as a lot of people have done.
Posted by roberts on Nov. 13 2003,20:18
If this is a boot directly from CD, then you might have a bad download.
It should not be asking for a password. Should boot right into Xwindows. You should do a checksum on your download. Or try downloading again.

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