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started by: edge

Posted by edge on Nov. 29 2003,19:18
hi, first of all im noob in what matter to linux.
ive installed DSL in my harddrive, had no problem
with hardware, great dist so far.

still, i was downloading software such as ircII or
XChat, i unpacked using Emelfm, then i used the
terminal do /configure and make.

dunno why, but every time i try to configure, it says
that the C compiler couldnt create the executables.

also, i tried using Make, but apparently this dist does
not have it. i installed apt-get, i run the program and
tried to download/install make, but at the end of the
download, again, it gives me an error.. so i havent been
able to install make either.

could someone please explain me, or give me a url
with docs or even some application to install the software?

thank you for your time

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 29 2003,21:16
Please search the forum.

I believe that you will find an answer to your problem somewhere.

There is a little button labeled "Search" at the top of this message board.

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