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started by: SenorBurnz

Posted by SenorBurnz on Nov. 27 2003,17:47
I couldn't get DSL to work on my old emachine computer someone told me they just weren't going to work together but I installed it on another different computer and I liked it the only thing I don't get is the 6 editors when I only want to use one or two and the games that I dont want at all I want to delete these programs from the operating system also i'm booting DSL from the harddrive not the cd and I want to know how to remove unwanted programs from there thanks you
Posted by Gilbert Ashley on Nov. 27 2003,20:02
Run this-    updatedb   which will update the datbase of all files on the system. Then type    locate somefile   to find where the progs are. For instance 'locate xpacman' , then rm /path/to/xpacman. Most of the stuff you refer to has been added in and is not part of the regular debian packages. You could also add in the dpkg program for amanaging the debian packages, but it will take quite a bit of space itself.
Posted by hooji on Nov. 28 2003,11:53
Yes, I can use apt-get to remove debian packages in the DSL. But how to remove non-regular programs? i.e. Can anyone give us a list about installed non-regular programs and how to remove them correctly.

I am not sure only locating the files and delete them is enough. There maybe muliptle files in diverse locations for one applications.

Posted by Gilbert Ashley on Nov. 28 2003,21:37
Actually I think you'll find that the extras only have a binary and maybe a configure file which will be in /home/damnsmall/. For instance after running update db type  locate dillo    locate Dillo   and   locate .dillo   locate .Dillo
Get the idea? These programs are just copied in, not compile from within dsl, so there's no man pages or anything. At least you can get rid of the most of them that way.

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