problem in adding new application and data

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Topic: problem in adding new application and data
started by: hooji

Posted by hooji on Nov. 28 2003,12:00
I found if I add some software or data directoris on DSL. Their configure files can not be changed because they are in a read-only file-system (under dir /KNOPPIX).  E.g. Apache's http.conf file became a link to the file in /KNOPPIX.
How to deal with it and ask DSL to move some files to RAM when it starts?

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 28 2003,20:16
Try looking at the beginning of the Rox Filer install script, mentioned in the Ideas & Suggestions board.

You need to make sure that the directories where your config files are found are created on the RAMDISK instead of on the KNOPPIX read-only file system.  Then all you need to do is to delete the link for your config file and reaplce it with a copy of your new config file.

Good luck.

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