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Topic: default passwords ?
started by: bjhbjh

Posted by bjhbjh on Mar. 03 2008,03:08
OK here is a simple question I can't seem to find an answer to, searching here, google and on the DSL wiki.

What are the default passwords for the dsl and root users on a vanilla DSL installation?

Sure you don't need them for running DSL at its own xbox console but if you want to FTP or SSL into it from elsewhere you need these passwords.

Up to now I have always made sure to do a password change to both users before leaving the installation in its remote location. I am fed up with this and would like to know what the default passwords are.

Have I missed it somewhere in the docs? Is it a secret?


Brian H.

Posted by lucky13 on Mar. 03 2008,03:17
It doesn't have passwords. Use cheatcode "secure" when using the CD or frugal. On traditional install, add passwords manually; if you choose multi-user login on traditional install, you should be prompted for passwords when the system reboots.
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