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Topic: Making my own .dsl
started by: xlancealotx

Posted by xlancealotx on April 03 2008,15:08
I am reading < > but don't think that is what I want.

I have a local hard disk install, with a few things I would like to rollup into a .dsl.  I could tar them up, but would like to have 4 or 5 .dsl files that when installed simply take files and put them where they go;
ex. custom /opt/bootlocal, have that overwrite the original, but can't find the damn howto!

Feel free to shoot over the command and/or howto link.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 03 2008,15:25
If you look on the main page, there is a link to creating them.
Alternatively you can use search.

Note that a .dsl is basically a (gzipped) .tar
and I thought bootlocal was referenced in the backup/restore system by default?

Posted by curaga on April 03 2008,15:27
Hm. The documentation at < > is a little sparse. Well, to summarize between that and the creating a .tar.gz doc:

Have a list of your files (one per line, like from "find") in a file, without directories. Then just pack up:
tar -cvzf myext.dsl -T list_of_files --no-recursion --numeric-owner

Edit: Eh, hats beat me to this :p

Posted by xlancealotx on April 03 2008,16:08
Well, thanks curaga for that, as for links, etc. I just re-looked at the main page ( and don't see a link to create your own dsl.  As for search, did find a few outdated things, but just needed a simple 1/2 sentence, this is the easiest way to accomplish it.

Not sure on the backup/restore, but I have a new bootlocal file I want to use, as well as some other things that need to be copied over, so I want to have a handful of things, to just say load local, and be done.

In the future, if things change, I can modify that .dsl file and push that.

Thanks though...

Posted by curaga on April 03 2008,16:11
From the wiki's main page -> Creating MyDSL extensions -> Creating a .dsl
Posted by xlancealotx on April 03 2008,16:20
ah, so it's not off the main page, it's off the wiki main page which was not what was 1st told.... now I see.... make me look like the bad guy, "he didn't look, he's lazy" blah blah blah ....  :)

Anyway, that would I should have seen, I was trying all elaborate searches, make my own dsl, etc. can't believe I overaw that one .....  thanks though, I don't like double posting, things like that so I appreciate the link as well.  Just don't ban me, I promise I will look harder next time ... really ....


Posted by curaga on April 03 2008,17:19
People aren't banned here for being lazy :D don't worry
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