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started by: Zucca

Posted by Zucca on April 16 2008,12:09
I need to control my parallelport data pins states and read states of input pins.

Normally data pins reside at 0x378 and input pins at 0x379.

I set data pins to 0 with < parashell > and then read the values with 'pin' (comes with parashell).
For now I have only got value of 255 from every address I tested (I first used parashell to set value to 0).

I have one circuit made that sets pin 10 (ACK) state to 0 (sorts to ground). Then a script is set to read the state of pin 10. If it has value of 0 then script will "flash" pin 2 (data out pin 1). Then my circuit reads it and resets pin 10 back to 1.

I would like to know if it's my hardware that lacks someting or do I need to configure DSL in some way to get it working?
I know that my script and circuit works, because I have tested it on other computer on Gentoo.

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