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started by: ds3899

Posted by ds3899 on May 23 2008,15:06
I was looking to get the source code for the DSL project.  Could you tell me the best way to get it?  Is there a repo somewhere that I could pull it from or is there more preferred way of getting it?


Posted by roberts on May 23 2008,16:46
There is no online source repo. The procedure is to contact John, the project owner, and pay a handling charge.
Posted by ds3899 on May 23 2008,18:44
Do you have John's contact info?


Posted by lucky13 on May 23 2008,18:59
You can find what you want in any of the mirrors. E.g.:
< ftp://ftp.oss.cc.gatech.edu/pub....ces.txt >

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