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Topic: Flash 7 installation problem
started by: jhsu

Posted by jhsu on May 31 2008,00:38
I downloaded the Flash Player zip archive.  I put install_flash_player_7_linux_r73.tar.gz in my /home/dsl directory and uncompressed it.  I'm not having difficulty installing it.

The problem is that every time I reboot, I lose the installation and have to reinstall Flash Player 7.  Exactly what do I need to add to the .filetools document?

Posted by WDef on May 31 2008,00:47
I put flashplayer.xpt and libflashplayer.so (which should be inside that archive) in /ramdisk/home/dsl/.mozilla/plugins

From your bootcodes you appear to have a backup on hda3

That should already be backing up your ~/.mozilla directory, so these files should be there when you restore your backup on your next boot.

Posted by roberts on May 31 2008,20:14
The default .filetool.lst contains home/dsl which will backup everything in your home directory. That being the case, one should not have to do anything special for flash plugin
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